Sunday, 20 May 2012



120 Lynn Williams Street  Toronto, ON M6K 3P6
(647) 340-8008

Williams Landing is a great  addition to the Liberty Village scene in the King West area. Open 7 days a week, the trendy and stylish decor make Williams Landing a great place to watch a game or have a drink on the patio. The young attractive staff and customers alike make it a place to be seen.

Service:  2.5 / 4 
Ambiance:  4 / 4
Food: 2.5 / 4

As always we decided to share a few dishes so that we can have a little bit of everything. We ordered 4 dishes in total, some good some not so good.

We started off with the SPICY MUSSELS PROVENCAL. Steamed PEI mussels in a spicy tomato broth with garlic focaccia. The sauce was quite nice not as spicy as we like it but still dipable. We found the mussels themselves to be very large and a little chewy if fact we did not finish the plate (which hardly every happens).

Next, we nibbled on the MONGOLIAN PORK TACOS. They were wrapped in a thin corn tortilla  shell, with homemade pulled pork, citrus hoisin and fresh asian slaw. I love pulled pork tacos but I found these to be a little dry.

The LOBSTER MAC'N CHEESE FRITTERS came piping hot. These exciting fritters were filled with Mac'n Cheese, caramelized onions, and truffle. The filling was delicious but the dish would have been much better if it was not fired. The breading was very thick and tasteless, so we ended up just eating out the insides and leaving the shell behind.

Lastly, came the big slab of meat. It was a thick cut of SLOW ROASTED PRIME RIB. If you like meat then you will like this dish. Cooked medium rare with just the right amount of au jus and creamy horseradish, this dish was  one of the most flavourful of the night.

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