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392 Queen Street West
Toronto, On M5V 2A9
(416) 363 0588

Food: ☆☆☆
Price: $

I somewhat expected my trip to Banh Mi Boys to be all hype for I have had Banh Mi before and didn't think that it was something to rave about (for those of you who do not know, Banh Mi is a meat filled Korean sandwich). Boy was I wrong!
Tasty tasty tasty. That's how I would describe my meal at Banh Mi Boys. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. This is a great place to stop in for a snack or even a quick meal. Most of their tacos, steamed boas and sandwiches are between $4 and $7. The portions are not large but if you add some yummy kimchi fries or papaya salad you will be just fine.

The KALBI BEEF TACO was served with purple cabbage slaw, kimchi, pickled carrots and cilantro, topped off with incredibly tasty marinated beef. They use a house-made Chinese pancake for a base instead of a tortilla taco, which was a nice change and added a flaky texture. Make sure you grab some napkins, it can get quite messy.

The PORK BELLY STEAMED BAO was served with pickled cucumber, carrots, radish and cilantro. The pork was a little tough, but the flavour was very nice and melted together with the soft, chewy steamed bun.

The KIMCHI FRIES.  At first we were not so sure how we were going to feel about them, but they were very delicious. It's amazing how well the kimchi,  pulled pork, sweet hoisin sauce, cilantro, tangy mayo and green onions went with the hot, crispy fries. It was a nice size portion - all three of us shared it without a problem.

We also had to try the GRILLED CHICKEN BANH MI; after all, thats what the place is named after. The sandwich comes served on a warm roll with a crunchy crust, but has a soft and fresh inside. The sandwich was stuffed with well marinated grilled chicken, pickled radishes and carrots, and cilantro. It had such a great balance of textures and flavours. 

Last but not least we tried the SQUID TACO. The lightly battered tender squid was mixed with was the pickled veggie slaw, tangy mayo and cilantro. The sweet squid and the picked slaw worked really well together. One thing Banh Mi Boys has truly mastered is combining ingredients that help build flavours and fulfill a nice textural profile.

Would we go back?? Yes. Hopefully very soon!

Kalbi Beef Tacos

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  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2013

    agreed - I finally went this week and it was super delish. Might go back tonite for the squid... nom nom nom.

    btw, banh mi is Vietnamese, not Korean. BMB are just hopping on the Korean fusion train (thank god)