Wednesday, 19 December 2012



1636 Queen St E  
Toronto, ON M4L1G3

Food: 3 / 4

If you have not made your way to The Burger's Priest then you have been missing out. This tiny burger joint makes a mean burger. They are known for their interesting burgers and a secret menu for the more edgy burger eater. If you plan to go to The Burger's Priest and want to order off the secret menu,  make sure you do some google searching (or look at their website under the section titled 'secret menu)because when you get there, the secrets are not posted and the staff will not give them up. 

I ordered the PRIEST BURGER which  is one of the restaurant's signature  burger. The all-beef 4 oz patties are accompanied by, 'THE OPTION': which is two breaded deep-fried Portobello mushroom  caps stuffed with cheese. I  finished it off with all of their standard toppings: tomatoes, lettuce, and sliced onion. I added one secret menu item which was the 'SMOKES': which are panko-crusted jalapeno peppers. The bun was soft  and reminded me of wonder bread. The meat was juicy and well-seasoned, however,  the impressive part was the crispy crusted Portobello and ozzy, melted, stringy cheese. 

Would we go back? Yes

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