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207 Ossington Ave
(416) 534 8520

Ambiance: 2 . 75 / 4
Food: 3 . 5 / 4
Service: 3 / 4

Foxley is located on the Ossington restaurant strip. Like the other restaurants in the vicinity, Foxley is  warm and comfortable, yet pretty small.  Anticipate a little wait time, but know you can leave your name and number and grab a drink at one of the many places near by. This restaurant is  definitely worth the wait.  The extensive menu of sharable plates is largely influenced by Asian flavours (lots of cilantro). I went with my very pregnant friend KS hoping since she would be eating for two we could order lots of their brilliantly flavoured dishes.

The LAMB AND DUCK PROSCIUTTO DUMPLINGS came first. After one bite we both knew we were in for a real treat.  These crispy dumplings came piping hot and packed full of minced lamb and duck prosciutto. The Japanese dipping sauce added a nice, cool, vinegary-ginger flavour that went beautifully with the juicy meat filling.

The BLUE CRAB AND AVOCADO had a nice blend of exciting flavours. The crab mixture is served in half an avocado an toped with a few crispy crunchy pieces of panko which provided a nice textural contrast. Simple, yet impressive.

The refreshing GRILLED SHRIMP AND CALAMARI MANGO SALAD was delicious, but quite spicy.  The sweet mango was mixed with onions, cucumbers, grilled calamari, peanuts, green onions and large, plump shrimp. The fresh vegetables were dressed in a tangy, sweet and spicy dressing.

 The SPICY CRISPY SHRIMP did not disappoint either.  The delicate fried shrimp were crispy and, surprisingly, not too greasy. They were topped with an interesting mix of jalapeno peppers, garlic, basil and black beans.

We decided to also try the the TARO FRIES with spicy aioli. The crispy fries were served hot and topped with dill, which was a surprisingly nice pair to the taro. 

I had been told many times that when I make it to Foxley I must try the GRILLED SIDE RIBS WITH SHALLOT GLAZE, so I insisted that we give this dish a try. Boy was KS happy with this choice. The two long, ultra-tender ribs were smothered in a thick, dark, sweet and savoury glaze. We devoured this dish so quickly; we couldn't get enough.

We had to finish off with something sweet. We decided on the BANANA AND CHOCOLATE SPRING ROLL with ginger ice cream. I don't usually like dessert, but this one was fantastic. The hot chunks of chocolate and banana were nicely balanced by the cool, ginger ice cream. Mmmm

Would we go back? Yes

Grilled Side Ribs

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