Wednesday, 27 March 2013



110 ossington Ave
Toronto, ON
(416) 312 7662

Service: 3/ 4
Ambiance: 3/4
Food: 2.75/4

ROCK LOBSTER started off as a pop-up restaurant in Toronto, but as talk spread, they were pressed to open a standing location.  Now Rock Lobster is located permanently in a tiny, trendy space on the ever growing Ossington strip. The staff and ambiance are quite low key, and friendly. They do not take reservations, so we went for an early dinner, as we knew the space would fill-up quite quickly. The menu is limited, featuring mostly seafood options.

We started off with the LOBSTER TAIL COCKTAIL.  The lobster was perfectly cooked and tasted fresh. 

Next was the SURF AND TURF. The creamy steak tartar was served with house made chips and large chunks of lobster meat.  The tartar was tasty but a little under-seasoned and basic. We were expecting some unique flavours- more than what was provided. 

The JERK CRAB AND SHRIMP were finger-licking good.  This flavour packed hot appetizer was extremely messy, but 100% worth it. The jerk spices were nicely balanced with some fresh-squeezed lime juice. The dish was spicy and tasty, but the star of the show was definitely the fresh crustaceans themselves.

We also go the LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE.  The al dente pasta and fresh lobster chunks were  covered in a white cheddar sauce and fresh lobster.  This dish was the reason I had been wanting to go to Rock Lobster, unfortunately, it left a lot to be desired: it was bland, dry and rather boring.  I was hoping for a much richer and cheesier dish.

FLANK STEAK AND DUCK EGG.  The steak was cooked to a nice medium rare and toped was topped with a generous portion of their house made hickory stick fries. Once you crack the yoke over the fries and steak, you are in for a real treat.  It was delicious.

Would we go back? undecided

The Jerk Crab and Shrimp
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