Thursday, 4 July 2013



972 College St
Toronto, M6H1A5

Service: 3 / 4
Ambiance: 3 / 4
Food: 3 . 5 / 4
Price: $$$

We have been meaning to try Bestellen for some time now, as it has been on my list for ages along with about 50 other Toronto restaurants. AM finally made us some reservations for a Saturday date night. The small space is very cute and rustic. The one thing that really stands out is their large walk-in dry ageing room full of meat and ageing steaks hanging by the window for all to see. When we arrived there was a huge party taking up the back of the restaurant, as a result the table reserved for us was not ready. They were really apologetic but it was still a little annoying. About a half hour after we arrived our table was free and we were able to sit down.

Once seated our waiter asked us if we liked OYSTERS, Yes of course was our reply.  They let us know that our oysters would be on the house as an apology for our long wait. They sure knew how to make us feel better. We ate the oysters with big smiles on our faces.

 We decided to try the FRITTO MISTO. The lightly crispy fried medley of whole white fish, calamari and small shrimp was served with lemon wedges and sriracha aioli and Thai basil. The dish was wonderful, however, the little shrimps did still have the shells on which were a little tricky to peel off.

 The GRILLED OCTOPUS was on special that evening and it was highly recommended. So we went for it. Large grilled chunks of octopus were served with chorizo lemon aioli and purple potatoes and a bitter green mixed salad. We definitely didn't leave a drop behind. 

We decided to also share their HOUSE MADE BURGER. We were so full by the time it arrived that we were happy to only be eating half. The burger was cooked to a nice medium rare, served with melted cheese, house made brioche and caramelized onions accompanied by a huge pile of fries.

Would we go back? Yes, especially if someone else was paying

The grilled octopus

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