Tuesday, 30 July 2013



90 Ossington
Toronto, On

Ambiance: 2 . 5 /4
Service: 2 . 75 / 4
Food: 3 . 5 / 4
Price: $$

This laid back hipster hangout was hard to find on the Ossington strip as it only has a small black board in front saying OddSeoul. The Korean late night tapas style eatery serves up unique flavours and takes on American favourites. The only problem with this restaurant is that the small space only fits a few tables and thus there can be quite a wait. Whenever I'm in the mood for a different dining experience I call up one of my fav foodie friends DF for I know she is always interested in trying new foods. Beware, although the food is amazing you need to be some what adventurous and not to picky to really enjoy it.

The KIMCHI PORKBELLY FRIED RICE was a huge dish in comparison to the size of the others, it was made to be shared. The heaping bowl of hot fried rice had large pieces of crispy pork belly, and a sunny side up egg that when mixed into the rice mixture added a whole new level of rich flavours. This dish had a nice balance sweet and spicy that had us both going back for more.

The sticky, sweet, spicy and saucy O&S WINGS were finger licking good.  The quickly fried chicken was crispy on the outside with incredibly juicy meat on the inside. There were so many unique  flavours loaded on to the giant wings. It definitely provided us with a lovely taste sensation.

The SQUASH POUTINE still has me talking about it. The crispy fried chunks of squash were loaded with cheese curds, kimchi, scallions, sweet Korean mayo and a fabulous curry influenced gravy. This was the most unique take on poutine I have ever had and it was amazing, a must try item for sure. 

The BULGOGI CHEESESTEAK was a must try for DF. The tender bulgogi beef was accompanied by chunks of grilled sweet onions, melted cheese and grainy mustard. The bun had a crispy crust and a soft fluffy interior providing a great texture profile.

Would we go back? Yes there are many things we did not get to try

Squash poutine
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