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1001 Eastern Ave
Toronto, ON M4L 1A8
Neighbourhood: Leslieville
(416) 649-1001

Ambiance: 3 /4
Service: 3 / 4
Food: 2 . 75 / 4
Price: $$$

As soon as you arrive at Le papillon the polite service begins as they walk you through the slim yet spacious seating areas. The numerous fire places help to warm up the french Canadian inspired cottage decor. We made our way there for a week day dinner with family.  The menu is similar to what you would expect in Quebec, with an entire section of the menu devoted to crepes.

We started off with the BLUE, a very tasty salad. Yes i said it, I loved every bit of this leafy adventure.  The spinach and arugula mix was served with blue cheese, granny smith apples, mixed nuts and maple red wine vinaigrette. If you like blue cheese then you are in for a treat.

The CROQUETTES DE CRABE were a little disappointing.The pan seared crispy pancake was consisted more of breadcrumbs than crab and as a result was quite bland and dry. Not such a hit, which is a shame for $14.

We all had the FRENCH ONION SOUP, the broth was well seasoned and full of flavour. My only hesitation about the dish is that they used Mozerella cheese instead of Greyer, not authentic French Canadian at all.

The MOULES CHARDONNAY was a large portion of steamed muscles, garlic and dill smothered in a thin chardonnay white wine herbed butter sauce. Make sure you ask for extra bread when these muscles arrive for you will want to soak up all the remaining sauce.

I was so excited to see my order arrive the PLATEAU PAPILLON. A large plate full of  garlic butter shrimp, scallops, calamari, grilled fennel, organic tarragon and a bĂ©arnaise sauce. As soon as I began to eat I started to regret ordering the seafood medley, it was quite boring and bland. All the seafood was well grilled but had nothing else to it.

The STEAK AU POIVRE on the other hand was just as good as it looked. The large cut of Angus filet mignon was crusted with crushed peppercorns and then smothered in a brandy peppercorn sauce. served with frites and seasonal vegetables.

Would we go back? Yes, but in no rush

Steak au poivre

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