Wednesday, 11 July 2012



154 Harbord St  Toronto, ON M5S 1H2
(416) 916-8155

Service: 3 / 4
Ambiance: 3. 5 / 4
Food: 3 / 4
Price: $$

The restaurant  opened in 2005 as a retail and dessert catering company over the years it has transformed itself in to a full service restaurant. Chef Donald Duong is a master pastry chef and  a classically trained French chef. 

To start, we were served toasted baguette with olives in a spicy oil. A nice dish to nibble on while we decide what we were going to order.

Daily Selection of CHARCUTERIE & CHEESE. Oops, where's the cheese? Thats right there was no cheese this time! They should change the name of this dish if are not planning on providing any cheese.  There was hardly any meat but rather an abundance of pickled vegetables. Further, the portion size of this plate was relatively small for the price. Overall, we agreed it was not the best Charcuterie we have had. 

The PAN SEARED SCALLOPS  were done in a red wine demi glaze and placed on top of sautéed wild mushrooms . The scallops were cooked perfectly; however, they were coated in a light crust which took away from the natural flavours of the scallop. The contrasting textures of the browned mushrooms and the smooth scallops was well planned and appreciated.

Mmmmmm, the STUFFED CALAMARI.  A large tender piece of calamari was stuffed with thin, julienne slices of mushroom, and well seasoned ground berkshire pork, and covered with a spicy tomato sauce. This dish was one of the highlights of the the night. I would definitely recommend you order it.

The FENNEL PORK SAUSAGE & LOBSTER PAPPARDELLE gave off a delicious aroma that we were able to smell even before it arrived our table. The homemade pasta was nice and al dente just the way it should be. The sauce was infused with roasted tomato, fennel & herbs. A little more browning would have giving the pork sausage (really mini pork meatballs),  a more interesting texture and would have sealed the juicy flavours.

 The PAN SEARED DUCK BREAST was a little lacklustre. The breast was bland and under seasoned, and the ginger cassis sauce and roasted tree fruit were too sweet for my liking.

The PORT BRAISED SHORT RIB was my dad's favourite of the night, but he is a big meat and potatoes kinda guy. The short rib was served with grilled belgian endive, sour cream and potato rosti. Crispy on the outside, and warm and flakey on the inside, the potato rosti was, in my opinion, by far the best part of the dish.

Stuffed calamari 

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  1. I spent a lot of money on a large croquembouche for an event, for it to show up hard as a rock. I asked for spun sugar, I was told they can only do caramel because of the weather, but the croquembouche was cemented together with a thick layer of caramel, to the point where not one piece could be taken off by hand, or by using a knife. We thought it was frozen, but it was in the same shape 5 hours later. The half piece we were able to pry off had a good flavor, but the caramel shards were very hard and sharp. The server at the party advised that she has seen many croquembouches in her day, but told us this one was done wrong. I told Chef Don that I was extremely disappointed and felt taken advantage of, to receive a message from his assistant advising that he has never had a complaint, and that they had to make it like that to survive the trip and hours on a sweet table. Why would I spend $250 plus $60 delivery for a centerpiece that can't be eaten? I even emailed him a video of the server and my husband hacking at it with a knife, and they still won't take responsibility.