Tuesday, 10 July 2012




    O'Neill Rd  Don Mills, ON M3C 0H2
    (416) 445-6391

Service: 2 . 5 / 4
Ambiance: 3 / 4
Food: 2 . 5 / 4
Price: $$$

Joey is a popular place to be. Located in the Don Mills outdoor shopping mall, it has a large outdoor patio and great bar seating. At first sight you may think it is only for businessmen on a power lunch but it is family friendly as well.  The restaurants large globally inspired cuisine ensures that there will be something that everyone will want to enjoy. However, while the menu sounds modern, creative and delicious the food is on par with other local chains such as Moxie's, Milestones and Alice Fazoolies.

BAJA FISH TACOS. To my surprise the fish tacos came with both fish & shrimp, the small pieces were covered in a lightly fried batter.  The white corn tortillas were hot but  stale which was a disappointment. Finally, I wish there was more guacamole &  mexican hot sauce as I found it to be a little dry.

The CHEESE BURGER SLIDERS came dressed in a secret sauce and were topped off with some American cheese; the homemade potato chips were a nice accompaniment to the dish. 
The TANDOORI CHICKEN FLATBREAD was recommended to us by our waitress so we had to try it. It was true indian-american fusion. It had a refreshing mixture of sweet chutney, bell peppers, red onion, cilantro and a drizzle of creamy yogurt.

Our love for sushi demanded that we order the RAINBOW ROLL. If you want sushi this is not the place to come. The centre was filled with a what tasted like canned crab mixed with mayo and it was topped off with thin slices of tuna, salmon and avocado. The sriracha aioli was creamy but not too hot; we asked for some extra for dipping.

The CHINATOWN CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS are great for sharing. It came with crispy fried noodles, cilantro, grilled mushrooms, shredded carrots and crushed peanuts coated in a fresh asian hoisin sauce. Not to different from the ones at Jack Astor's.

China Town Lettuce Wraps

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  1. Yeah I would totally agree with this. It doesn't sound like Joey's has changed much since the first (and last) time I went. It wasn't terrible but it was definitely on par with Boston Pizza/Milestone's etc. There are so many other places to try!