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1124 Queen Street East  Toronto, ON M4M
(647) 340-1738
Open Tuesdays through Saturday
Service: 3 / 4
Ambiance: 2 . 8 / 4
Food: 2.75 / 4

Price: $$

Goods and Provisions is a tiny candlelit bar in the trendy Leslieville area.  As you walk 
in, you travel back in time: the space is filled with antique furniture, and the walls 
are covered in vintage portraits and degrees. Its an interesting place to grab a drink and have 
some snacks. In the summer, this buzz worthy spot can get busy as the garage door window 
opens right up.

They provide a small meat-based menu; vegetarians this is NOT
the place for you.

The STEAMED BUNS came out first. The sandwich was served open faced with large chunks  of smoked pork which were topped with asian hoisin sauce, cucumbers and cilantro. The pork was a little dry, and I missed the pickled vegetables that customarily come on steam bun sandwiches.  

The taco specials included a SOFT SHELL CRAB TACO and a SMOKED PORK TACO. The crab taco came with a pickled vegetable slaw, wrapped in a thick corn tortilla The smoked pork taco was served with little bits of kimchee and cilantro. 

The BONE MARROW was a unique menu item so we had to give it a try. While it was slightly under seasoned, it was accompanied by a side pile of large grain sea salt which allowed for us to dress it ourselves. After switching our charred bread for some a little less toasted, we began compiling our marrow bone sandwiches.  The finished product  seasoned fatty marrow, parsley  and salad atop the toasty bread left our mouths watering wanting more. Make sure you share this dish as it is very fatty and rich.

The KFC a.k.a the Korean Fried Chicken, was by far the best thing on the menu. After being double fried in duck fat, three large drumsticks  are  tossed in an interesting and delicious sweet, sticky, and spicy gojuchang sauce.

THE SMOKED PORK PLATTER, yes, thats right, more pork! The platter came with two large pork ribs, one pork slider topped with bright yellow slaw (tasted better than it looked), and some baked beans. The home made BBQ sauce was delicious, but the ribs were tough and would done well with a little more time tenderizing.

The  moist and tasty G&P BURGER was topped with homemade onion frizzles. The burger was moist and tasty. Severed along side the burger were the G&P famous fires, which were cooked in duck fat. Unfortunately, the fries were cold and soggy by the time they arrive at our table- left much to be desired.

The STEAK AND FRITS. The steak was well seasons and perfectly cooked medium rare. It was finished off with a battered oyster (which turned out to be better than the steak). The duck fat fries is what G&P is known for but we found them to be soggy on this dish as well.

The Korean Fried Chicken

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