Wednesday, 2 January 2013


558 college St, Toronto
9360 Bathurst St, Toronto
1604 Bayview Ave, Toronto

Service: 2 . 5 / 4
Ambiance 2 / 4
Food: 2 . 5 / 4
Price: $$

Every once in a while I have a huge craving for wings, whenever this happens I always make sure to fulfill this need with a trip to Duffs Famous Wings.   If you're looking for a good night to try Duff's go on a Tuesday for their wing and drink special.However, pretty much whenever you go you are guaranteed large saucy wings delivered quickly and for a reasonable price.

All wing orders come with some fresh CELERY AND CREAMY DILL or blue cheese dressing. I always choose the creamy dill, it also acts as an excellent dipping sauce for the spicy wings.

AM loves MOZZARELLA STICKS and says that Duff's consistently has the best.  They always come hot and oozing with melted cheese.

I can never decide between the spicy BBQ or the MEDIUM WINGS: both are delicious but most often I end up with the more traditional medium sauce. Howerver, if you are ever looking for a new flavour give the spicy BBQ a try.  I would not recommend the Armageddon sauce it is way way to hot... maybe if you go with a group of friends you can order ten just to give one a try for the fun of it.

Would I go back ? Yes

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  1. Very interesting for an old duffer like me to try his hand at something new. If I don't do that once in a while, I might just turn into a fossil, you know! See the link below for more info.