Saturday, 19 January 2013



515 Jarvis St.
Toronto ON
(416) 964 6609
Ambiance: 3 / 4
Food: 3 / 4
Service: 3 / 4
Price: $$

The other night AM and I met up with my family for our annual Men Pick Dinner Night, and once again we found ourselves at The Keg. Not a big surprise, as all the men in our family love meat and potatoes. At The Keg you are guaranteed a constantly good meal. The steaks are always cooked the way you like them and the price is quite reasonable for a steak house. It makes us wonder why people bother going to these fancy steak houses when  The Keg serves up the same quality but for a better price.

the night we went happened to be the restaurant's annual Lobsterfest. My mom was very happy about this, for she is not the biggest meat eater. The menu offered a fresh 2 POUND LOBSTER TAIL which, on  most occasions, my cost-conscience mom would never dream of ordering. However, after all the men egged her on and offered to share with her, she went for it. I was a bit skeptical because when lobsters get so large they usually become quite chewy, but to my surprise, it was tender and full of flavour.

AM went for his standard dish, the PRIM RIB. The tender, juicy meat was served with a baked potato and the famous Keg frizzled onions.

A few of us opted for the FILET WITH BLUE CHEESE and smoked bacon. The blue cheese was mixed into their garlic mash potatoes, and then grilled on top of the steak.  The blue cheese is wonderful partner to the tender, seasoned steak.

To end off our night we all shared the BILLY MINER PIE, which is really more of a large slab of Mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust drizzled with fudge, caramel and sliced almonds. I'm not the biggest fan of desserts, but this was pretty tasty if you like coffee-flavoured ice cream.

Would we go back? Next time the boys get to decide where we go for dinner im sure we will be at the Keg

we were all very impressed by the 2lbs lobster tail

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  1. I love the Keg's Rib eye and have always picked it. I'd like though to try their sirloin and/or strip loin one day. Would you recommend that I stick to the rib eye or are both the Sirloin and Strip loin as equally delicious?